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SAFE members and supporters are invited to an aviation mixer/meeting at the Oshkosh Terminal on the North Side of the airport, Thursday, July 29th, 6-8 PM. (Our usual location but the larger front “Atrium.”) Cancel COVID!

MyGoFlightSkyDisplayWe are so lucky to have the MGF team demonstrating their newly-approved “SkyDisplay HUD.” This cutting-edge technology has great potential to enhance safety with its “eyes out data stream.”

This year will be high-tops; meet and mingle with sliced New York Sandwiches on assorted buns. Also; bacon-wrapped chestnuts, shrimp cocktail, chicken teriyaki kababs, crab-stuffed mushrooms, and fruit kabobs. Admission includes two drinks (beer/wine) cash bar available.

Since we have lots of room let’s try out some flying machines – available for pilot fun. We want to fill thee room (spread the word!) Stay as long or short as you want (not a sit-down dinner this year). Updates on the SAFE App and Osh Events Page. Tell your aviation pandemic story:? “COVID Karaoke.” Finally escaping quarantine!!


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 Join SAFE to enjoy 1/3 off ForeFlight! The SAFE toolkit now has “Checkride Ready!™”

FAA certification for any certificate or rating guarantees *only* the minimum standards (pass/fail)! Proficiency and excellence are up to the applicant (but inspired and taught by the CFI).SAFE advocates for and enables excellence in aviation. CFI-PRO (good to great) is our newest initiative to promote our core mission of building aviation educator excellence! All educators are encouraged to pursue and acquire Master Instructor designation. This program (administered by SAFE) is an industry-accreditation program promoting educator excellence!


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