1/3 Off ForeFlight: Start Saving Right Away! (How To…)

by David St. George (Lifetime Member) on May 12, 2019

ForeFlightOne huge benefit for SAFE members is the 1/3 off ForeFlight. The really excellent feature of this is that it can start immediately (even if you just signed up or renewed ForeFlight). This is because when you validate your SAFE membership and discount, ForeFlight refunds your remaining days, then applies your 1/3 off discount, and resets your “anniversary date.”

What this means is there is not reason (or incentive) to wait to sign up for SAFE! Do it right now and start saving!

Screen Shot 2019-05-12 at 6.50.19 PMHere are the steps (simple and easy!) Go to http://foreflight.com/SAFE and enter your (registered) e-mail. (It takes a few days after signing up for SAFE membership for the database to update and if it does not recognize you please be patient) But hopefully it says it “sent you an e-mail.” When you go here and click the “Confirm Your Email” box: Screen Shot 2019-05-12 at 6.51.05 PM







This will take you to a (little bit scary) screen that looks like you are signing up for a whole new subscription. Please do not panic. Just click the “Proceed to Payment” box on the bottom and it will refund the balance of your current subscription *and* apply that sweet 1/3 off discount from SAFE (see the two screenshots below) You should be good to go and saving money immediately!


Teaching “The Improbable Turn” is now FAA Policy

by David St. George (Lifetime Member) on April 30, 2019

When we presented our Livestream Seminar (now YouTube video) as an FAASTteam training in February of 2018 we were opposing a strict FAA policy to “land straight ahead in the case of engine failure on take-off”. Especially since this was an official FAA Safety Training we had to tread lightly with our advice:

With Russ Still and Rod Machado we advocated that a turn-back to land on the departure runway in certain, well considered cases was a safer option than straight ahead. Preconditions for success were a careful pre-takeoff analysis and briefing as well as practice in this maneuver (FAA heresy at the time) This now is FAA policy accepted and promoted in AC 61-83J Flight Instructor Renewal  Additionally, the FAA is recommending this be demonstrated by CFIs to all student pilots. The pretinent part reads as follows:

A.11.4  Return to Field/Engine Failure on Takeoff.  Flight instructors should demonstrate and teach trainees when and how to make a safe 180-degree turn back to the field after an engine failure. Instructors should also train pilots of single-engine airplanes not to make an emergency 180-degree turn back to the field after a failure unless altitude, best glide requirements, and pilot skill allow for a safe return. This emergency procedure training should occur at a safe altitude and should only be taught as a simulated engine-out exercise. A critical part of conducting this training is for the flight instructor to be fully aware of the need for diligence, the need to perform this maneuver properly, and the need to avoid any potential for an accelerated stall in the turn. The flight instructor should demonstrate the proper use of pitch and bank control to reduce load factor and lower the stall speed during the turn. After completing this demonstration, the flight instructor should allow the trainee to practice this procedure under the flight instructor’s supervision. Flight instructors should also teach the typical altitude loss for the given make and model flown during a 180-degree turn, while also teaching the pilot how to make a safe, coordinated turn with a sufficient bank. These elements should give the pilot the ability to determine quickly whether a turnback will have a successful outcome. During the before-takeoff check, the expected loss of altitude in a turnback, plus a sufficient safety factor, should be briefed and related to the altitude at which this maneuver can be conducted safely. In addition, the effect of existing winds on the preferred direction and the viability of a turnback should be considered as part of the briefing.

NTSB Analysis of KTEB Lear Crash (2017)

March 13, 2019

The NTSB released the final report on the Lear jet crash at Teterboro Airport May 15th 2017. Though this is not the kind of flying everyone might engage in, this excellent animation and analysis by the NTSB will benefit every pilot. The words “what were these pilots thinking” might come to mind but remember they […]

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SAFE 2018 Teacher Grants

October 20, 2018

The Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE) proudly announces the four winners of their 2018 Teacher Grants Program.  These $250 grants are awarded to two (2) elementary teachers and two (2) middle-high school teachers who are promoting aviation and aviation careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programs in their schools.   Heather Adams […]

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Welcome New 2018 Board Members!

July 7, 2018

The results of the 2018 election for SAFE Board of Directors, held last month,, brought three fresh faces to the SAFE Board of Directors. They are Hobie Tomlinson, Veronica Cote and Cres Wise. The three one-third of the nine Board members, ensuring continuous fresh SAFE member representation. Term limits for Board members and SAFE members […]

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Nominees for Board of Directors (Election June 5-15th)

May 29, 2018

SAFE Board Elections June 5th-15 [CLICK] for candidates! The nominees and volunteers from the membership have been vetted by the Gorenance Committee and are presented for election by the membership. Please view them on this page. You will receive an invitation to vote on the 5th of June from Votingplace.net and will need your full […]

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SAFE at 2018 US Sport Expo!

January 17, 2018

See you at the 2018 US Sport Expo in Sebring, Florida! This show will feature the Icon A5 and even a (not sport) Cirrus SR22T. Click [HERE] for the show pdf SAFE will be in Booth 309 and I will not be arriving until late in the day on January 24th (late airline reservations). If […]

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Weekly Educator Articles (Blog!)

November 24, 2017

Please visit here for SAFE’s exciting blog! https://safeblog.org/

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