Congratulations SAFE Board 2022!

by David St. George (Lifetime Member) on July 16, 2022


Thanks to all our SAFE Board candidates for stepping up to run for the SAFE Board. This was an incredibly close election all week (+/- 1%) and the spread on the final winner was only 3% total. Ultimately, Alfredo Wayman, Stuart Lieber and Dan Keen prevailed and will join the board this month in Oshkosh. See their bios. on the candidate page and come to our SAFE dinner Thursday at #OSH22 to meet them.

Please consider volunteering yourself for a position on the SAFE Board of Directors. SAFE has a commitment to selecting our board entirely from the membership and we need talented people in all the right places to make this work. After all these years of securing financial stability, we are finally on the launchpad for some amazing initiatives. Some will be announced at our dinner at #OSH22 and some will be in the fall of this year; stand by for great ideas in aviation excellence!

Thanks! Great #SnF22!

by David St. George (Lifetime Member) on April 28, 2022

SnF22GroupAtBoothWebThanks to everyone for participated in this year’s #SnF22 (at the show and from home)! We had a wonderful, busy, educational time in Florida. Somehow UPS “misplaced” our SAFE show display on the way from Oshkosh so members were able to see our newly created (more colorful) SAFE display. Thank you to Glenna Blackwell for the “emergency artwork” service 🙏

Over 50 people were able to join us in person for a free breakfast at the Sunset Grill. We gave away another Zulu 3 headset from Lightspeed Aviation and a Patty Wagstaff Aerobatic Course from Sporty’s Pilot Shop. These generous sponsors make our outreach (and your prizes) possible; please support them.


Sun N’ Fun 2022

January 13, 2022

Visit SAFE in the “Alpha Hanger #85/86″ at Sun ‘N Fun 2022. This is the first hangar, across from the food court (great breakfast @Sunset Cafe). Enter and turn right upon entering A Hangar: #85/86. We encourage SAFE members to present at the forums. Please sign up to help (for SAFE hat/shirt); we need lots […]

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Flying Magazine SOLD: New Robust Online Presence for SAFE Members!

January 5, 2022

Flying Magazine was sold in 2021 ( announced at Oshkosh) to Craig Fuller. The new Flying Magazine now only publishes in print 4 times a year (very beautiful, looks like a book) with much more information delivered online. Two additional special print editions are planned. The annual subscription is now $50 and SAFE members will […]

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#OSH21 General Aviation Surges Back!

August 7, 2021

After a year off due to the global COVID pandemic, general aviation pilots gathered in record numbers for AirVenture 21 in Oshkosh. Here are some photos from the show. SAFE added over 70 new members during the week and we enjoyed a SAFE “Gathering” for the last time in the “Old Terminal” (soon to be […]

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FAA Responds to SAFE on “Warbird Adventures Decision.”

July 8, 2021

The FAA responded today to the SAFE protest regarding the new FAA policy on flight instruction. The new FAA policy regards education as “flight for compensation or hire” rather than the historic “paid to teach.” Though this case specifically involved the restriction on flight instruction in experimental, limited, and primary aircraft, it impacts the aviation […]

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Congratulations New 2021 Board members!

June 19, 2021

Ellen Quist I earned a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry before making an early-life career pivot to pursue my long-burning interest in aviation. I worked at the local FBO as I built up my ratings, which gave me a broad exposure to many angles of the general aviation world, and am now a freelance CFI/CFII and […]

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United Aviation “Alphabets” Push Back on New FAA Restrictions

June 9, 2021

In a June 4th letter from the FAA, a new policy was announced by the FAA aligning the recent Warbird Adventures decision with 91.319 and defining flight instruction as “carrying persons or property for compensation or hire.” This reverses historic FAA guidance and also 8900.1 which defines flight instruction as “educational.” This new policy would […]

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