Wasting 20% DPE Slots!

1/5 of Applicants for FAA Practical Tests “Unqualified”

Poor preparation of flight test applicants is wasting 20% of “flight testing opportunities!”



Amazing #OSH22; “SAFE Strategies” is LIVE!


Richard McSpadden from AOPA’s Air Safety Institute was an inspirational speaker at #OSH22!



Free Sporty’s FIRC: “Challenge Yourself to be Better!”




FAA certification for any certificate or rating guarantees *only* the minimum standards (pass/fail)! Proficiency and excellence are up to the applicant (but inspired and taught by the CFI). All educators are encouraged to pursue excellence by pursuing and achieving Master Instructor Certification; “the best in the right seat!”

SAFE advocates for and enables excellence in aviation. CFI-PRO (good to great) is our newest initiative to promote our core mission of building aviation educator excellence!


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 We’re all about our members!

  • Member Driven
  • Open to All Aviation Educators
  • Advancing Safety & Standards
  • Promoting Aviation Education as a Viable Career Choice
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Promoting Excellence in Aviation Education



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