Lifetime Membership


            After several months of study and discussion, the SAFE Board of Directors voted during the January 2015 Board meeting to create a Lifetime Membership option.  The cost to purchase a Lifetime Membership is based on the age of the member at time of purchase.   The Lifetime Membership fee structure is as follows:

Ages 25-34                  $1,000.00
Ages 35-44                  $   850.00
Ages 45-54                  $   700.00
Ages 55-64                  $   550.00
Ages 65+                     $   400.00

Creating the Lifetime Membership option in no way changes the other six levels of SAFE membership, which are renewable annually.

The main reason members of organizations purchase lifetime memberships is because they believe in the mission of the organization, they want to show long term support for the organization, and they want to be recognized for their support.   Not having to pay dues ever again is just an added benefit of Lifetime Membership.

In the last few years, more membership organizations have been offering Lifetime Membership options with fee structures that are more affordable than they have been in the past. This helps membership organizations retain their current members while still attracting new members.

SAFE will recognize its Lifetime Members by listing their names in a special section of the website, listing their names in the quarterly e-magazine, and showing the Lifetime Member designation besides their name in the Members Directory listing.

Purchase a lifetime membership today!

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Ages 25-34
Price: $1,000.00

Ages 35-44
Price: $850.00

Ages 45-54
Price: $700.00

Ages 55-64
Price: $550.00

Ages 65+
Price: $400.00