Alfredo Wayman

Alfredo Wayman

Alfredo Wayman

Your aviation bio/resume with years and ratings? * (Please include all affiliations, ratings, approximate hours, and past experience with aviation organizations.)

Certificates: Airline Transport Pilot, CE-500/510, Flight Engineer DC8, CFI-CFII Gold Seal, Commercial ASES, Glider, Ground Instructor (Advanced, Instrument), A&P/IA
Total Time >12K with >8K dual given in turbines to Cessna trainers.
Director of Training and Standards Daher. Currently creating standardization syllabi for TBM and Kodiak aircraft.
141 Chief Instructor Wayman Academy
Bachelor degree in Professional Aeronautics from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

How long have you been a SAFE member and why do you want to serve on the S.A.F.E. Board of Directors? * (Trying to judge commitment here and motivation; no wrong answers!)

I am a Charter member of SAFE and now also lifetime member. I want to continue the amazing growth we have seen at SAFE and especially expand local visibility and member sense of ownership. We need more visibility in every local airport with more active mentoring/safety-sharing.

How will your aviation and professional background, special talents, and leadership skills help to further SAFE’s mission and goals? Please be specific. *
(Any previous board experience? Are you a professional in law, accounting, publicity, media…we have specific needs)

As a Professional Flight instructor since 1995, a large flight school operator, and now leading Daher flight transitions internationally for TBM and Kodiak, I can help expand SAFE’s visibility and access to sponsorship across the aviation industry. SAFE is an under-appreciated asset with its immense population of professionals. We need to tap the great potential for growth. SAFE needs some good professional introductions to achieve stronger industry sponsorship.

What do you see as the most pressing concerns and/or tasks for SAFE and for SAFE’s Board of Directors in the next 3 years based on SAFE’s current mission and vision Statements? *
(We are looking for imagination and vision here; tell us your best vision of SAFE!)

SAFE needs more visibility and media outreach, (videos online) as well as more support at the local level. SAFE representatives at every local airport would be an achievable goal. The benefits and resources available to SAFE members are amazing and sell themselves, the safety is a huge added benefit.

What other thoughts, suggestions, or ideas do you have to keep S.A.F.E. growing and thriving as a professional aviation education organization? *

We need to drive greater networking and collaboration among SAFE members with social media and local affiliations (chapters?) This social sharing holds great promise for local growth and the development of strong local safety cultures. Greater participation with the FAA WINGS program would be another method to achieve local recognition in every aviation community.