Stuart Lieber

Stuart Lieber

Stuart Lieber

Your aviation bio/resume with years and ratings? *
(Please include all affiliations, ratings, approximate hours, and past experience with aviation organizations.)

>8,000 hrs, ATP MEL (BE1900, B737, B747, B757/767, A320, A350, DC9), Comm SEL, Comm Glider, CFI-SE/ME, CFI-I, CGI-A/I, Remote Pilot, FE Turbojet MSP FSDO FAAST Representative Part 121 Captain Previous Part 142 Instructor Aircraft Owner Bachelor Degree in Aviation from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Have served as Treasurer/Board Member of local flying club AOPA member for 25 years SAFE member for 5 years SAFE Volunteer at OSH 19 Pilot Proficiency Instructor at OSH redbird sims.

How long have you been a SAFE member and why do you want to serve on the S.A.F.E. Board of Directors? *(Trying to judge commitment here and motivation; no wrong answers!)

Safe member for 5 years. I find the mission of SAFE to be one of the best focused missions in the aviation community. I believe my previous non-profit board experience and particular my previous Treasurer rolls can benefit SAFE and I am at a point in my career that I can give back to the aviation community and support causes I believe in are doing the right thing.

How will your aviation and professional background, special talents, and leadership skills help to further SAFE’s mission and goals? Please be specific. *(Any previous board experience? Are you a professional in law, accounting, publicity, media…we have specific needs)

I am a Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisor. Have/Currently serve as Treasurer of non-profit organization(s) from small flying club/HOAs to large $13mil annual sports organizations with charitable gambling operations. Familiar with Quickbooks, general accounting practices, IRS 990s and outside audits. I enjoy the financial and bookkeeping side of non-profits, as I believe it is most of the time overlooked in organizations.

What do you see as the most pressing concerns and/or tasks for SAFE and for SAFE’s Board of Directors in the next 3 years based on SAFE’s current mission and vision Statements? *(We are looking for imagination and vision here; tell us your best vision of SAFE!)

Getting the word out and increasing membership to allow increased support and services for its members. I find many professional aviators would support the organization, but haven’t heard of it. The need to enhance and strengthen our industry partnerships should be the main focus, as that is how we can get the word out and make SAFE the great organization is set out to become.

What other thoughts, suggestions, or ideas do you have to keep S.A.F.E. growing and thriving as a professional aviation education organization? *

As said above. Getting the word out is important. We have professional pilot groups (NBAA, ALPA, ALA, SWAPA..etc) and industry programs (Wings/FAAST..etc) that we can/should be leveraging to expand out membership and grow our industry partners/member benefits and member resources.