Rob Dumovic

Rob Dumovic

Rob Dumovic

Your aviation bio/resume with years and ratings? * (Please include all affiliations, ratings, approximate hours, and past experience with aviation organizations.)

Ratings and Certificates Private – Multi Comm and CFII earned at Kent State University. Earned a tailwheel endorsement from Master CFI-A John Dye in 2006. Graduating in 2009 I continued with the University as a CFI-II/Check Instructor before leaving in 2013.
I was hired by Michael Goulian to take over the Aerobatics Instructor position for Executive Flyers Aviation in Boston in the fall of 2013. From there I fulfilled the duties of CFI-II, MEI, Check Instructor, Director of Safety and Standards, UPRT Instructor, as well as ran the monthly CFI meetings.
When the company was sold to New Horizon Aviation in 2017 I became the Assistant Chief Flight Instructor and served in that position while also starting the Plane Talk Podcast with a former student.
I left Horizon Aviation in 2019 to focus full-time on Spread Aviation, an education and training company that evolved out of the Plane Talk Podcast.
In 2019 I was selected by the Boston FSDO to be a DPE and attended initial training in June of 2019. I am a current member of AOPA, EAA, IAC, and SAFE. I also am an avid aerobatic competitor, coach, and regional judge.
I have aircraft specialties in the Super Decathlon, and all variants of the Extra 200/300. With over 8,000 hours total and more than 7,000 Dual Given, I have honed my aviation knowledge by studying the works of others, being a 4 year old and asking “Why?” constantly, and always seeking a deeper level of understanding in order to improve my andragogy. I’ve never been motivated by going to the airlines, though I’ve made my fair share of airline pilots. And frankly, I was terrified of becoming a CFI until I realized that it was just an opportunity to share this love for the field of aviation, with other people who also share that same love. Once I realized that fact, being a CFI was a natural fit.

How long have you been a SAFE member and why do you want to serve on the S.A.F.E. Board of Directors? *
(Trying to judge commitment here and motivation; no wrong answers!)

The earliest records I have date my membership to at least 2017. Potentially earlier as there was a corporate email that was registered to me account, but it was deactivated when I left that company. I have been working at Spread Aviation on my own for the last couple of years and the goals of SAFE and SA are significantly aligned. First meeting and speaking with David at Oshkosh in 2019, there was a significant chord struck and our messages and methods jived. I feel that I have reached the limit of what can be done by an individual, and being able to work with like minded groups to improve aviation knowledge, training, and thereby safety is the best way forward.

How will your aviation and professional background, special talents, and leadership skills help to further SAFE’s mission and goals? Please be specific. *(Any previous board experience? Are you a professional in law, accounting, publicity, media…we have specific needs)

In working with David at Sun N Fun, I was able to bring some technical experience to improve the quality of a SAFE production. Going forward I wish to help not only with the aviation knowledge aspects of SAFE, but with technical and social media aspects as well.

What do you see as the most pressing concerns and/or tasks for SAFE and for SAFE’s Board of Directors in the next 3 years based on SAFE’s current mission and vision Statements? * We are looking for imagination and vision here; tell us your best vision of SAFE!

High-quality, accurate, digestible training content. High quality so it’s visually stimulating and not dismissible. Accuracy of information is key and colloquialism are to be avoided. Yes some things may be a bit complicated, but it’s better to have the students presented with correct information, rather than something that will have to be unlearned down the road. Digestible comes in 2 forms, amount of information and time. People will binge-watch 10-minute videos on YouTube. If we can make 10-minute videos, with quality content and visual aids, we can change the training world much like the Kings did.

What other thoughts, suggestions, or ideas do you have to keep S.A.F.E. growing and thriving as a professional aviation education organization? *

Partnerships with Universities and Training Centers are a must as well as growing the social media presence. Helping aircraft manufacturers develop SAFE branded training resources for their aircraft to be used with new aircraft owners.