SAFE Board Election 2022

SAFE Board Election 2022 (Click Pictures for Bios)


These are the four candidates who have come forward and passed interviews to serve on our SAFE Board of Directors. Please carefully review these four people (and their attached credentials). Select the three you feel are the most qualified and would do the hard work of running SAFE for the next three years. (We elect three of nine directors every year and rotate on a three-year cycle)

If you wish to be considered for a board position next year, please see fill out an application on the board candidate form. To join the fun helping at Oshkosh, please sign-up on our Doodle. We do have wrist bands (free admission) for helpers.

Click on each of the photos below to review each candidate’s answers to board questions and their resume/bio information. When you complete this analysis and have decided on your candidates, please return to the “Election Runner” ballot to vote.