Thomas Huismann

by Thomas Huismann on July 29, 2021

SAFE #: S0007182

Hometown: Madison WI, United States

Home Airport: C29 and KMSN

Occupation: Certified Flight Instructor

Education: BA and MBA, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Pilot Certificates: ATP Multi-Engine Land, Commercial Single Engine Land, Certified Flight Instructor, Single and Multi Engine Instrument Airplane

Airplanes Flying/Flown: Cessna, Piper, Diamond, Beechcraft, American Champion Aircraft

Educational Specialty: Tail Wheel Qualified

Q & A

What drew you to aviation?: I was fortunate to grow up in aviation. My Dad was a pilot, which inspired me to become a pilot. I knew from an early age that I was going to be a pilot.

How long have you been involved in aviation education?: I have been a professional instructor pilot since 1989.

What's your favorite part of what you do in aviation education?: I am grateful to be able to impart the knowledge that I have gained in aviation, to other pilots. I am blessed to be a CFI. The most rewarding part of aviation education is seeing a student solo, knowing that student will remember that special event for the rest of their lives, and knowing they will remember who taught them how to fly.

What's your least favorite part of what you do in aviation education?: I love all aspects of aviation education.

Do you have a memorable aviation experience you'd like to share?: I fly occasionally with a retired F-16 pilot. He told me once that every time I fly with him, he learns something new. It is gratifying to me to know that someone with such a high level of USAF pilot training and operational experience learns something new from me, every time that we fly.

Why did you join SAFE?: I am a professional who wants to be the very best at what I do as a CFI. I joined SAFE to network with other professional flight instructors, and to enhance my ongoing training as a professional flight instructor.

What would you like to see change in aviation?: I would like to see an FAA that is more connected to, and responsive to professional flight instructors, who are actively involved in pilot training.

Any suggestions on how the above might be accomplished?: Open up lines of responsive, two-way communication. Act as a partner in pilot training, and not as a non-responsive bureaucratic adversary.

Who are your role models in aviation?: My Dad, Dale B. Crites, Robert A. "Bob" Hoover, Paul Poberezny, Phil Winiger, and Rich Morey.

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