Tashuelah Nasah

by Tashuelah Nasah on March 1, 2021

SAFE #: S0004978

Hometown: Grass Valley CA, United States

Home Airport: KGOO

Occupation: Scheduling & Standards Manager

Education: BSc Aviation Maintenance

Pilot Certificates: CPL, CFI, AGI

Airplanes Flying/Flown: C152/C172/PA28R

Q & A

What drew you to aviation?: My father was a line Captain. I have always been fascinated by aviation from the age of two.

How long have you been involved in aviation education?: 3 years

What's your favorite part of what you do in aviation education?: Mentoring the next generation of aviators.

What's your least favorite part of what you do in aviation education?: Flying during the summer in Florida.

Why did you join SAFE?: The commitment to education and mentoring.

What would you like to see change in aviation?: More diversity.

Any suggestions on how the above might be accomplished?: Start early fostering an interest in aviation among K-12.

Who are your role models in aviation?: My Dad

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