Lynn Gardner

by Lynn Gardner on April 18, 2019

Lynn Gardner

Lynn Gardner

SAFE #: S0002218

Hometown: Fort White FL, United States

Home Airport: 7FL7

Occupation: Pilot

Pilot Certificates: ATP, COMM SEL/SES, CFI

Airplanes Flying/Flown: CE-180 Skywagon

Educational Specialty: Tailwheel and Backcountry

Q & A

What drew you to aviation?: Grew up around airplanes. Dad had an FBO and part 141 school.

How long have you been involved in aviation education?: CFI since 1983

What's your favorite part of what you do in aviation education?: Improving pilots understanding of low speed aerodynamic and performance. Giving them lasting tools to help make good decisions
with the airplane.

What's your least favorite part of what you do in aviation education?: Seeing a pilot learn to enjoy the aircraft more. Helping the pilot become more attached to the experience.

Why did you join SAFE?: Being part of a professional group dedicated safety is the key to continuing to learn and grow as a pilot.

Who are your role models in aviation?: I hope so.

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