John Mahany

by John Mahany on December 9, 2017

SAFE #: S0000012


Hometown: Long Beach CA, United States

Home Airport: KLGB

Occupation: Professional Flight Instructor

Education: B.S. B.A., Xavier University, OH; Sheffield School of Aeronautics, FLL

Pilot Certificates: ATP/CE-500, Comm'l ASEL/SES/Glider, CFI-AIMEG/AGI/IGI/FE/AD

Airplanes Flying/Flown: CE180, as well as more than 100 other aircraft makes and models

Educational Specialty: Citation II & V, Turbine Transition, Avionics/AP/FD/GPS/Glass/Tailwheel

Q & A

What drew you to aviation?: I have always had the 'flying bug'…as far back as I can remember. There was no one person or event…

How long have you been involved in aviation education?: Since 1980 when I earned my CFI

What's your favorite part of what you do in aviation education?: Sharing what I have learned with others who want to learn; learning new stuff, keeping up with the latest…

What's your least favorite part of what you do in aviation education?: The forms, paperwork, seemingly endless training requirements, making sure you have the official 'stuff' done right.

Do you have a memorable aviation experience you'd like to share?: Over 40 years…there are many

Why did you join SAFE?: I want to be part of an organization that is doing it 'right', representing the Instructor community…as well as aviation 'educators', being 'proactive' instead of reactive.

What would you like to see change in aviation?: a better public image…too many people outside aviation do not understand who we are or what we do. The media does not portray us accurately.

Any suggestions on how the above might be accomplished?: better outreach…being proactive instead of reactive.

Any accomplishments in, or noteworthy contributions to aviation and/or aviation education you'd like to mention?: FAA's 2003 & 2005 CFI and ASC of the Year for both the Western Pacific Region and the Long Beach, CA FSDO.

Who are your role models in aviation?: Bob Hoover, Bob Buck…

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