JD Williams

by JD Williams on March 20, 2016

JD Williams

JD Williams

SAFE #: S0002143

Website: http://www.fastmoveraviation.com

Hometown: Fort Smith AR, United States

Home Airport: KFSM

Occupation: American Airlines Captain / GA Instructor Pilot

Education: College Graduate

Pilot Certificates: ATP SEL MEL CFI-I MEI

Airplanes Flying/Flown: F-16, B-727, MD-80, C-150/152/172/182/195, Citabria, Super Decathlon, Twin Commander, Socata Tampico, Piper J-3/PA-18/24/27/28/28R/30/38/44

Educational Specialty: Advance flight instruction – emergencies, slow flight, stalls, spins, aerobatics. Mentoring other instructors.

Q & A

What drew you to aviation?: Can't remember a time when I didn't want to be a pilot. I'm truly living the dream.

How long have you been involved in aviation education?: Since 1988.

What's your favorite part of what you do in aviation education?: When a student becomes a friend and aviation colleague.

What's your least favorite part of what you do in aviation education?: The rare times when I have to tell a student they should not be a pilot.

Why did you join SAFE?: I'm always looking for ways to become a better instructor and to help other instructors do the same.

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