Message to SAFE Voting Members:

Proposed changes to the SAFE Bylaws began as recommendations made to the SAFE Board of Directors by the SAFE Governance Committee on January 9, 2017. On February 13, 2017, the SAFE Board held a 2:15 hour conference call to review each section of the Bylaws, consider recommendations and comments made by the SAFE Governance Committee, and come up with a first draft document. During March and April 2017, the proposed Bylaws revisions were further studied, discussed, revised, and refined by the SAFE Board of Directors. The Board’s goal in the proposed revisions is make sure the Bylaws are reflective of SAFE’s current mission, vision, and operating practices. In May 2017, the SAFE Board of Directors voted to put the final draft of proposed Bylaws revisions before the SAFE membership for an “up or down” (all or nothing) vote during the annual election coming up May 19th-29th. SAFE’s Bylaws have not been revised since SAFE was founded in 2009.

Proposed Amended Bylaws of the Society of Aviation and Flight Instructors, Inc.

Here are the historic SAFE Bylaws:

Current Bylaws of the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators, Inc.