Wonderful Learning Experience at SAFE CFI-PRO™

We had an amazing turn-out at SAFE CFI-PRO™ – Thanks!

Participants commented:

live safety-oriented aviation seminar with fresh, level-appropriate knowledge for CFIs… Excellent!

“This is an outstanding program for both experienced and new aviation educators.”

Excellent opportunity to discuss subjects in flight training with flight instructors from across the country

“this is a great event that really helps increase your tools for teaching



FAA certification for any certificate or rating guarantees *only* the minimum standards (pass/fail)! Proficiency and excellence are up to the applicant (but inspired and taught by the CFI).

SAFE advocates for and enables excellence in aviation. CFI-PRO (good to great) is our newest initiative to promote our core mission of building aviation educator excellence!

Resources [here] for CFIs:

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Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 6.29.35 AM

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