Congratulations SAFE Board 2022!

by David St. George (Lifetime Member) on July 16, 2022


Thanks to all our SAFE Board candidates for stepping up to run for the SAFE Board. This was an incredibly close election all week (+/- 1%) and the spread on the final winner was only 3% total. Ultimately, Alfredo Wayman, Stuart Lieber and Dan Keen prevailed and will join the board this month in Oshkosh. See their bios. on the candidate page and come to our SAFE dinner Thursday at #OSH22 to meet them.

Please consider volunteering yourself for a position on the SAFE Board of Directors. SAFE has a commitment to selecting our board entirely from the membership and we need talented people in all the right places to make this work. After all these years of securing financial stability, we are finally on the launchpad for some amazing initiatives. Some will be announced at our dinner at #OSH22 and some will be in the fall of this year; stand by for great ideas in aviation excellence!

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