SAFE Opposes “Warbird Adventures” Precedent

by David St. George (Lifetime Member) on May 23, 2021

WarplaneIncBlog2SAFE has taken a clear stand opposing the recent court “Warbird Adventures” Decision. We are asking the FAA for immediate clarification supporting the historic FAA interpretation of CFI as “aviation educator” NOT “charter operator.”

Though the current analysis seems to indicate that CFIs are not immediately threatened here (this is a very narrow decision targeting a specific operation), the “downstream” implications of this decision could create huge problems for CFIs e.g. legal liability, charter confusion and CFI medical certification. SAFE has written directly to the FAA seeking immediate clarification and we encourage members and supporters to copy our letter and send it here immediately (quick cut and paste). Make your voice (and concerns supporting CFIs as “educators” clear)! More detail in the SAFEblog.

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