SAFE Partners with CFI Bootcamp (New Member Resources!)

by David St. George (Lifetime Member) on March 5, 2021

BootcampLogo2A new partner relationship with CFI Bootcamp now allows SAFE members to save 20% on any of the CFI training company’s products or services. This training system is the brainchild of former DPE Mike Shiflett and focuses on creating (and supporting) the best CFIs in the business. All online courses are 10% off. SAFE Members are eligible for 40% off the company’s Advanced CFI Level group (only $13 per month instead of the regular $22 per month). This online package includes Bootcamp’s Power Hours, two short subject videos each week, deep dives into CFI practices and standards with ‘tribal knowledge’ videos. Also, part of the Advanced CFI Group is an online community area used by CFIs for sharing and advice.
Screen Shot 2021-03-05 at 1.46.55 PM CFI Bootcamp is also offering a scholarship for aspiring CFIs in the coming year, worth $2,338. It will include the company’s CFI online course, all course materials and a week-long class in Miami, FL learning how to solo students and build training outlines. The scholarship also includes membership in the “Pro Level” CFI group.
CFI Bootcamp’s main mission is training initial and advanced flight instructors while imbuing them with a sense of professionalism,” said SAFE Executive Director David St George. “We’re delighted to have them as professional partners in raising the standards for flight instruction.”
The Bootcamp training programs are extensive and are provided as an in-person and or online experience in the Miami and Palo Alto areas. Both locations offer very talented and experienced instructors. CFI Bootcamp maintains an amazing 90% pass rate, with a whole group of different examiners. Go to and preview their offerings: tailored for the working professional.

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