SAFE CFI-PRO™ in Miami at Wayman Academy

by David St. George (Lifetime Member) on February 19, 2020

SAFE CFI-PRO™ in Miami at Wayman Academy


Our SAFE mission is reaching and elevating the professionalism of aviation educators. Young CFIs at larger academies and colleges are one important demographic in need of improvement. Thanks to Wayman Aviation Academy for providing this opportunity to present in Miami to their staff. The availability of programs like this is an important incentive for institutional members. Our next public SAFE CFI-PRO™ is available to all June 10/11th at Sporty’s Pilot Shop.


FAA certification for any certificate or rating guarantees *only* the minimum standards (pass/fail)! Proficiency and excellence are up to the applicant and inspired by the CFI.

Every FAA aviation educator carries two pieces of plastic in their pocket. One certificate permits piloting. The other certificate enables the aviation educator to share their wisdom and experience. Unfortunately, many CFIs do not appreciate that the demands and skills required for each of these different certificates are unique and sometimes contradictory (me too sometimes!) More on the SAFE Blog.

SAFE advocates for and enables excellence in aviation. CFI-PRO (good to great) is our newest initiative to promote our core mission of building aviation educator excellence! Our next public SAFE CFI-PRO™ in June 10/11th at Sporty’s

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