SAFE CFI-PRO™ October Workshop is Open For Registration

by David St. George (Lifetime Member) on August 28, 2019

SAFE CFI-PRO™ workshop in October has something for every CFI (or prospective CFI). Whether you are just working toward your CFI, newly certificated or have been teaching for years you will find great value at this workshop (and it’s only $375!) Lunch is included as well as the networking dinner (I hope you like BBQ) at the National Aviation Community Center. For more information of to sign-up please click [here]


SAFE’s mission is to elevate the professionalism of every aviation educator and sharing the knowledge and experience of professionals like Rich Stowell, Doug Stewart, and Hobie Tomlinson (and me) is a passionate privilege. Check-out the landing page here and examine some of the resources for aviation educators here. SAFE will also be building out a new portal for aspiring CFIs soon. In the meantime, please join us at AOPA in October to both share *your* experience, learn and network with industry professionals…all good!

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