SAFE Celebrates 10 Years! Thank-you SAFE Members!

by David St. George (Lifetime Member) on August 9, 2019

For many of us who started with SAFE 10 years ago this birthday is a hard-won victory we hardly dared to hope for. We started out of controversy as a scrappy all-volunteer not-for-profit and times have occasionally been tough along the road to where we are today with over 2,200 amazing members. If you are reading this as a SAFE member, thank-you so much for your membership and support because you truly “are SAFE.” (If you are not yet a member we welcome your membership) We have several hundred Master Instructors (flight and ground) and almost 100 DPEs in our pilot and educator ranks. We enjoy the membership of the “movers and shakers” in the aviation industry.

We are so proud of our Pilot Proficiency Center, now the darling of Oshkosh, and the Atlanta GA Pilot Training Reform Symposium which led to the FAA ACS. We developed the BEST CFI Insurance Program in the industry and our SAFE CFI Toolkit App is used daily by over 4,000 CFIs in the US. Most importantly we recently launched our SAFE CFI-PRO™  course to be held at AOPA in October. Happy 10th birthday SAFE!


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