AOPA Fly-In; 80th Anniversary

by David St. George (Lifetime Member) on May 25, 2019


We had a AOPA Fly-In at Fredrick, MD, May 10th and 11th.. The weather was a changable and challenging (but we are pilots after all). Thanks to extra effort from the amazing staff of AOPA everything kept rolling nicely. They continued to adjust the schedule around it and fun was had by all. There were lots of static displays and STOL take-off and landing




MikeVivion-AOPA-KFDK SAFE member Mike Vivion narrated the STOL contest. JonHardenPitts Our insurance underwriter Jon Harden shared his Pitts with the crowd.

We met with many members and signed up even more (welcome aboard). The D-Day re-enactment with the 7 C-47s and the Liberty Jump Team was especially moving.

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