Meet the Executive Director

IMG_0015 (2)Bill Moyle, Executive Director

Bill started flying at the age of fourteen, an original “Airport Kid” in Danbury CT. He and a buddy would ride their bikes to the local airport to wash airplanes and sweep hangars for rides. His first log book entry was in the summer of 1962 in a 65hp Aeronca Champ.

All of Bill’s flying has been civilian in nature. A Vietnam Veteran he utilized the GI Bill to acquire the Commercial, Instrument, CFI, Multi-Engine and a Citation Type Rating. Teaching the Citation GS in 1980 and 81. In 1986 Bill was hired by McDonald Douglas Aircraft in Long Beach Ca. and spent 4 years in MD-80 Flight Crew Training as a Ground Instructor specializing in Flight Instruments and Avionics responsible for instruction, program development and served as the Avionics Team Leader.

In 1990 Bill was hired by MGM Grand Air as a Boeing 727 flight Engineer, spending 5 years with MGM on the 727 and DC-8 until it became Champion Air. While with those two airlines for a total of sixteen years Bill was fortunate to have flown both Domestic and International.

In 2006 Bill was hired by FlightSafety International in Long Beach CA. as a Citation Instructor, spending 2 years as the Citation Program Manager until retiring in Aug of 2009.

A retired Airline Pilot with over 13,000 hours in 28 different aircraft ranging from an Aeronca Champ to a Douglas DC-8-62. He spent 10 years as a Captain on a Boeing 727 with Champion Air as well an FO and FE on the 727 and DC-8. While with the airlines Bill also served as a Ground Instructor and Check Airman on the 727.

Bill was a member of EAA Ch 92 in SOCAL serving as Vice President and Flight Advisor in 2009. He also served as the Director of Safety and Flight with Warbird Squadron 24 in Punta Gorda, Florida where he is still a member. Bill has served with the FAA as an Aviation Safety Counselor since 1988 and a member of the FAASTeam. Bill currently hold an ATP with B727 and CE500 type ratings, SE CFI-I and an AGI-I as well as an ancient FE rating.

Bill currently resides in Waxahachie Texas, just south of Dallas. He is presently a reserve Co-Pilot on a DC-3 and calls Midway Airport, KJWY, his home field. During his ‘spare’ time he is working on his book, “My Life, My Love and My Lady” about his life and love of flying. It is a compilation of short stories gathered from his life and love of flying. Bill recently began a compilation of real life based fictional stories for a series of children’s books. He is known for ending his correspondence with “Blue Skys and Tailwinds”.