2014 SAFE Membership Campaign

“Each One, Bring One”


The 2014 SAFE Membership Campaign kicked off on February 1, 2014, and SAFE needs YOUR help. All SAFE members are invited to participate in a special new member recruitment campaign called “Each One, Bring One.”  By participating in the campaign, you become eligible for one of three prizes.  Details are provided below.


Each SAFE member is asked to recruit one new member into the organization between February 1 and July 31, 2014.  This recruitment campaign is not a competition to see who can bring the most members, but the more members you do bring into SAFE, the faster SAFE will reach its membership goal AND the more times your name will be entered into a special drawing at the end of the campaign.   The recruiter’s name must be shown on the membership application for participation.  Members can participate by recruiting a new member, who would pay his or her own membership dues, or by purchasing a gift membership for the new member.

Current members can download and print a SAFE membership brochure from the SAFE website to use in their recruitment efforts or they can simply put a link to the membership brochure in an email they send to a potential new member.

The new member can either print out a SAFE membership application from the website to be mailed back to SAFE  with dues payment or they can complete a membership application online.  There is a place on the membership application for the new member to write in the name of the current SAFE member recruiter.

Member Incentives

  • Each participating member who recruits a new member will receive a $5.00 Starbucks gift card immediately after the new member pays his or her dues.
  • Each participating member will receive one chance per new member recruited to win a special prize via a drawing at the end of the campaign.  This drawing will take place at the annual SAFE dinner held in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, during AirVenture 2014.

Campaign Prizes

Prizes to be awarded are as follows:

  • BOSE A20 Aviation Headset
  • SP-400 handheld NAV/COM aviation radio from Sporty’s Pilot Shop
  • $400 gift certificate from King Schools to be used for training materials

You do NOT need to be present at the drawing to win a prize.